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About Landcent

Landcent accelerates the fight against diseases of poverty, by developing and delivering affordable, sustainable solutions, that are safe to use at scale.

We work very closely with the World Health Organization and global donors such as The Global Fund, President’s Malaria Initiative, UNICEF, World Vision etc. and are partly funded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Non-dilutive funding can be critical for a start-up company in its early years, and it can fuel a company’s growth and innovation as it matures. Grants and prizes provide the money to conduct high-risk projects needed to bring new technologies to market.

The Grants Manager's role involves:

1. Ongoing mapping and maintaining a list of potential funding opportunities.
2. Investigating and triaging each opportunity based on eligibility criteria, stacking rules and partnership requirements, and other pros & cons.
3. Developing and designing grant proposals based on operational and project needs and as aligned with funding program eligibility criteria.
4. Coordinating the input of the scientific team into each funding proposal.
5. Leading the writing, compiling and submission of all funding proposals.

Background & Skills

1.  A Bachelor’s / Master’s degree.
2.  3-5 years experience in a similar or related role.
3.  Familiarity with how governments set policy and support strategic industries.
4.  Familiarity with grantors and funds such as / similar to the Horizon Fund Europe, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
5. Fluent in English.
6. Able to work well with teams and independently.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.


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