Addressing poverty-related diseases with sustainable
and paradigm-shifting innovations.

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Why malaria?

Its disproportionate impact on the poorest, those least able to afford preventive measures and medical treatment, makes eliminating malaria a human rights priority.

247,000,000 cases annually

In 2021, there were 247 million malaria cases worldwide, up 2 million from 2020.

96% of all deaths in Africa

The African region continues to shoulder the heaviest burden of malaria.

One child dies each minute from malaria

Each day, there are about 1700 malaria deaths, of which over 1300 are children.
Core Products

Integrated Vector Control

We embrace innovative approaches to develop comprehensive vector management tools to prevent malaria. Our extensive suite of next-generation solutions has been carefully formulated from the ground up to radically reduce disease burden.


LLIN (with PBO)

Neonet NG

LLIN (Dual AI)


IRS (Next-gen)



Landcent addresses
8 SDGs through its work

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