Making Real Impact

Sub-Saharan Africa

Landcent is a social enterprise focused on the SSA region which suffers 95% of all malaria cases worldwide.

Landcent’s Impact

Precise & Measurable

We contribute to the fight against insecticidal resistance

29 countries have confirmed resistance to all four most popular insecticide classes – pyrethroids, organophosphates, carbamates and organochlorines – in at least one malaria vector species across different sites globally. Landcent’s new Active Ingredient Research Initiative is set up to directly combat such resistance.

We prioritize biosafety through indigenous knowledge

Efforts to document local biological classifications and associated traditional knowledge of biopesticides are time-bound and critical to fight vectors, while maintaining biosafety. Landcent works with local scientists and institutions, without judgement and bias, for the best possible outcomes, protecting the rights of all participants.

We work on and contribute to 8 UN SDG goals

Landcent’s next-generation products are expected to enter the market starting 2025 and within the first 3 years Sub-Saharan Africa would already be making significant contributions in the fight against malaria. We would have also created 145 fair paid local jobs in the region, both for local manufacturing as well as boots on the ground to monitor and evaluate our products.


Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2028

The table below is the impact Landcent’s core products will have on Sub-Saharan Africa within the first 3 years in market.

Sustainable Development Goals

Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2028

Goal 1
No Poverty
9.9M working days gained through malaria prevention
€67M in earnings saved
Goal 3
Good Health and Wellbeing
182M people protected against malaria
Includes 65M children below the age of 5
Goal 4
Quality Education
7.4M days of education won
Improved educational performance in school
Goal 5
Gender Equality
2.6M less care days for women
3.7M education days for girls gained
Goal 8
Decent Work and Economic Growth
145 fair paid local jobs created
€588,000 in salaries paid annually in SSA
Goal 9
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
4 products in the market
1 new active ingredient developed
Goal 12
Responsible Consumption and Production
100% recycling of IRS bottles
10 recommended uses for repurposing bednets
Goal 17
Partnerships for the Goals
Working together with WHO, NGOs ,Governments and Social Businesses
Capacity building activities for sustainable development