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Vector Control

Core Products

Quality-assured vector control in 4 technology quadrants: Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs), Indoor Residual Sprays (IRS), Anti-malarial Pills, used in Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) and Perennial Malaria Chemoprevention (PMC) programs.


LLIN (with PBO)
  • New insecticide incorporation (within the yarn) technology
  • New knitting technology to address the durability concerns in field use due to attrition
  • High bio-efficiency that works against the most common species of anopheles mosquitoes
  • Durability of 3 years in field use

Neonet NG

LLIN (Dual AI)
  • Dual-treated bednets enhance effectiveness against mosquitoes
  • Durability of 3 years in field use
  • High bio-efficiency that works against the most common species of Anopheles mosquitoes
  • Dual AI bednet designed to combat and abate insecticide resistance


Malaria Preventive Pills​
  • Improved intake format – chewable to avoid any disease caused by unsafe water
  • Intermittent administration of a full dose of an anti-malarial medicine
  • Unique flavor to increase adherence among children below five, who tend to spit out current bitter versions


IRS (Next-gen)
  • Has improved storage stability achieved by CS micro-encapsulation
  • Twice the IRS residual effect (up to 17-22 months) compared to products in market
  • Low toxicity because of micro-capsules
  • Lowered chances of vector resistance as compared to pyrethroids
Expanding the Toolbox

Emerging Solutions

In the effort to transition from malaria control to elimination, WHO is expanding the vector control toolbox. We expect both topical repellents and larval source management to be more widely implemented across Sub-Saharan Africa.​


Topical Repellent​
  • EKTA is a suite of topical repellents
  • Strong candidate for vector control ​
    toolbox expansion​
  • 3 variants: Geraniol, IR3535 & ​
    PMD based product​
  • Non-DEET and safe to use on children​
  • Extremely long-lasting up to 14 hours​


  • Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis (BTI) is a naturally occurring bacterium found in soil
  • Targets larvae of the mosquito, blackfly and fungus gnat​
  • Sprayed over stagnant water, rice fields, ponds and irrigation ditches​
  • Non-toxic to humans and other wildlife​
“(for the) enhancement of the grantee's reputation as an innovator company”.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on why they backed Landcent

Active Ingredient (AI) Discovery Platform

A unique Landcent initiative to combat the threat of insecticidal resistance and safeguard biodiversity and habitats.

Landcent’s Active Ingredient (AI) Discovery Platform investigates without judgement and bias, natural and indigenous knowledge bases, for active ingredients to be eventually developed into biopesticides.

Biopesticides constitute naturally occurring organisms or substances derived from them that have lifespan-shortening effects on disease vectors such as mosquitoes.

Indigenous Knowledge Bases

Prioritizing Biosafety

Over 200,000 natural compounds screened in ​2 years, by a team of 12 scientists, toxicology experts and laboratory staff.

  • Biopesticides are usually less toxic than conventional pesticides.
  • They tend to affect only the target pest, are often effective in very small quantities.
  • Biopesticides generally decompose quickly.
  • Complex scaffolds of natural occurring compounds would make vector resistance less likely.

AU-EU Initiative


Landcent has launched an AU-EU Research Partnership to investigate “Cochlospermum Tinctorium” for potential AIs to develop indigenous vector ​control recipes.​

RLS ​Partnership


Partnership with RLS India, to explore the use of Micelle Technology for use in treated bednets and indoor residual sprays.​

SIOC Laboratory


Funded by Landcent & BMGF, the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry has screened over 200,000 compounds from natural database libraries.​

Accelerate Lasting Impact

Invest with us

Landcent offers a unique, de-risked investment opportunity for impact investors to join the mission to eliminate poverty-related diseases, starting with malaria. Our collective efforts can break the vicious cycle of poverty and disease for the poorest in the world.

Sourcing as a Service

Sourcing for Impact

A significant part of Landcent's history has been to provide "Sourcing as a Service" for supplemental income. We reinvest these profits in research and development for our malaria products. In addition to sourcing high-quality laboratory consumables, diagnostic kits, and instruments, we also guarantee a resilient supply chain.

We work with

Sourcing FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding our Sourcing for Impact program

What is Landcent's Sourcing for Impact program?

Landcent's "Sourcing for Impact" is a service that helps businesses find and procure laboratory & diagnostic products or solutions from reliable suppliers or manufacturers. The profits accrued through our sourcing program is invested into our malaria prevention product R&D.

What tasks do you undertake in regard to sourcing?

We can save you time and effort by handling the complex process of identifying and vetting suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing logistics. Landcent conducts market research, identifies potential suppliers, evaluates their capabilities, negotiates contracts, manages orders and shipments, and provides ongoing supplier management services to ensure quality and compliance.

What is your area(s) of specialization?

We procure items as HPLC equipment, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, microscopes, dental handpieces, chemicals, biologicals, and diagnostic equipment. We source for hospitals, reference and pathology laboratories, medical centers, drug testing labs, medical courier companies, laboratory distributors, genetic testing companies etc.

Do you handle logistics and shipping?

Yes, Landcent manages logistics and shipping, including arranging transportation, handling customs clearance, and coordinating delivery to your specified location.

How can I get started on your "Sourcing for Impact" program?

Simply contact us through the form on our Contact page or email our head of sourcing: desmond (at) landcent (dot) nl and our team will be happy to discuss your sourcing needs, provide a customized solution, and guide you through the onboarding process.