Garlicin-E - a non toxic, non-corrosive, entirely safe disinfectant

Every other day there is news of one more sanitizer making the infamous of list of FDA banned products. Maybe you have heard of methanol contamination, propanol contamination, fraudulent FDA approved seals, the lack of sufficient ethyl or isopropyl alcohol or the latest - sanitizers packaged in beer cans, children’s food pouches, water bottles, juice bottles etc. Altogether the FDA list now has over 130 banned brands.

For frontline workers this comes as a double danger, because of the frequency with which they have to sanitize their hands. CDC observational studies show that healthcare workers might sanitize their hands anywhere between 30 to 100 times a shift, but not without side effects. The single biggest problem these professionals face is skin irritation which eventually leads to a lack of adherence.

As Landcent started supplying PPE and COVID-19 diagnostic kits across the globe we noticed the lack of natural but effective disinfectants, an increased need at the time of this pandemic. Unsafe compounds were being used in hospitals, outdoor spaces, schools, parks, museums, without a consideration for all of the collateral damage.

True to the spirit of the company, Landcent responded by developing a nature inspired, fully effective disinfectant that could contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. Garlicin E is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, odourless and entirely safe disinfectant that is based on Ethylicin.

Garlicin E enters the cytoplasm of the bacterial cell membrane, destroying the normal metabolism of pathogenic bacteria inhibiting its growth and reproduction. It has excellent antibacterial and disinfection effects, with an average killing rate ≥99.99% of coronavirus, hand-foot-mouth-virus and the influenza viruses.

Already used by Shanghai Museum, the ternary formula of Garlicin E has been successfully applied to the bacteriostasis and disinfection of cultural relics and grain storage.

U-beyond's Garlicin E is suitable for use in the following contexts:

  1. Medical Facilities such as Hospital Waiting rooms, ICU, Nurse Station
  2. Shopping malls and department stores
  3. For frontline workers with sensitive skin who need an all-natural, healing sanitizer
  4. Airport lobbies, waiting areas, as an aircraft disinfectant

Garlicin E is currently available in the following pack sizes:

  1. 100 & 500 ml
  2. 1, 2 & 5 litre containers

Contact us for more information on our Garlicin E today at

(* Landcent accelerates the fight against global infectious diseases, by developing & delivering affordable, sustainable solutions, that are safe to use at scale. We are a member of the WHO GCDPP (Global Collaboration for Development of Pesticides for Public Health))

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